Zero-emission range agricultural machinery

Zero-emission range agricultural machineryZero-emission range agricultural machinery . JCB, constructor of construction and agricultural machinery, presents its new 100% electric. The JCB E-TECH range allows you to work at any time, indoors or outdoors. You will be surprised to work quietly, without compromising on comfort and performance.

The machines in the JCB E-TECH range are ideal for maintaining and creating green spaces, says Paysagiste Nantes . Environmentally friendly, they emit zero emissions at the point of use. They thus make it possible to work in environments sensitive to air quality such as urban or closed spaces. Their compact size is ideal for working in tight spaces such as parks or gardens.

A pioneer in clean energy, JCB was the first to launch its electric mini-excavator. Available in canopy or cabin versions, the machine has nothing to envy of its diesel counterpart. It has an autonomy of a whole working day with a single charge thanks to its four lithium-ion batteries.

Another advantage is that JCB’s exclusive 2GO system isolates all controls and acts as a secondary safety system against any unexpected movement of the machine.

The range also has a dumpster: the JCB HTD-5E. Designed to be both safe and productive, it is the right tool for landscaping.

With rechargeable batteries in just two hours, this machine is also suitable for urban applications which, like landscaping, require low noise and zero exhaust emissions.

The HTD-5 can carry 500 kg and dump the contents of its skip to a height of 1.45 meters. This solution comes with a new SmartStep step option for added versatility, safety and comfort. Thus, when the operator dismounts from the step, the feed to the tracks is isolated while the bucket and the hydraulic circuit are still powered.

With its pedestrian and ride-on functions, the new JCB HTD-5E allows the operator to easily transport materials, both indoors and outdoors. Its maximum width of only 690 mm allows it to pass through a standard door or a garden gate.

The JCB E-TECH range also offers a new fully electric high-dump dumper with a steel body and a strong articulated frame. The ideal partner of the electric mini-excavator, its compact design makes it possible to work in confined spaces.

The 1TE is a one-ton dumper, designed to operate in urban environments and confined spaces sensitive to air quality. The ROPS structure ensures operator safety, while orange and green LED flashing lights alert pedestrians to the presence of the machine. Which can be very useful if you work in public spaces or in the city.

Unlike the thermal version, the machine relies on a 7 kW hydraulic motor and draws its energy from two 5 kWh lithium-ion batteries. Its rapid charge capacity does not prevent it from ensuring a full working day in normal use. It has three charging options (110V, 230V or three-phase fast charging) for more flexibility from one green space to another.

The height tilting allows the dumper to dump any material (green waste, gravel, earth …) into skips and other large containers.

For all the engines that make up the new E-TECH range, JCB makes the same promise: machines as efficient as the petrol versions. It is therefore obviously this logic that applies to the TELESCPOPIC 525-60E.

Powered by a 24 kWh battery for a full day’s work, it uses two electric motors. The 17 kW traction motor and 22 kW hydraulic system motor provide a maximum flow rate of 80 liters / min.

The 525-60E offers the same outside turning radius of 3.7 m as the diesel version and its maximum lift capacity is 2,500 kg. The machine has been designed to provide cycle times similar to those of the 525-60 diesel, again without loss of performance.

For added comfort and safety, the control box design and low profile rear frame ensure top notch visibility. JCB’s innovative adaptive load control function automatically prevents the TELESCOPIC from tipping forward while handling heavy loads.

Last advantage; the batteries are maintenance-free, daily checks minimal and the machine therefore requires less maintenance, reducing operating costs.

Zero-emission range agricultural machinery